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Welcome to the GlobalTaxi

GlobalTaxi aircraft purchase your ticket, you can make hotel reservations, airport transfers, car and driver hire an online travel website is that you can resolve your needs. At the same time the find cheaper tickets, holidays can be done and where the department is located in a blog where you can find tips. If you want to share your travel experiences in our forum pages, you can write reviews on sharing the holidays. Good luck, wish you a good holiday.

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Hotel reservations and airline ticket sales in the most preferred Learn stops.


Single call! Jetrad with the cheapest flights found by comparing your company.

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Do not go on holiday without reading these tips.

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I offered to pay the reservation facility on holiday with peace of mind from the exit.

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Why you should choose GlobalTaxi?

GlobalTaxi, airport transfers, VIP transfers are managed by a team of expert. The only motto on transfers, global taxi will not leave the road. You can make your booking at the time you make arrangements, we are required by e-mail or SMS information you would inform Progress. Although our founder’s F.A if we were from overseas experience in order to count for you in no time at our place, in forums and sharing sites have prepared the wall. Every review you write these sections are subject to increase our quality manual we will also.

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GlobalTaxi never does in the summer to earn money transfers. We both summer and winter and before the beginning of our task with the principle of customer satisfaction, thinking we act. So please correct the wrong bunch, us or share your experiences with one another about your travel memories. We, in light of your experience, you might experience the same challenges someone else will do our best. Of course there are the beautiful memories you want to share these beautiful moments of our other guests may be happy to let them live.

A hotel on the site and a search engine plane ticket search engine is available. Hotels cooperate with the most experienced went to that site. All tourist centers of the world, which can be accessed in a city hotel is situated in the most varieties and possibilities of this system. Whether a farm house, or a residences, or board, if you want a five-star resort in that city if you have to call us if you are registered. Reservations are free and also you can pay during check-in. Instant hotel campaigns, seasonal discounts, the most expensive as the cheapest is at your disposal.

Still world-renowned for air tickets and can meet your needs in every sense, we have partnered with Jetrad system. Only one airline or ticket sales system is not limited to our website. At the same time a lot of airline ticket sales search engine aircraft with our system, which is connected to you at the same time offers different companies and compare prices. At the same time you book your flights as well as hotel simply check the appropriate box if you want to perform. System, both for you and the hotel by searching for flights will produce results.

Hassle-free and always be happy to spend holidays with your wishes.

Everything for the holidays …

Everything for the Holidays


We find the answers to all your questions about particular holiday. Be the first to point to one of our customers happy.


Travel Blog

We have written to guide all of our articles, recommendations and outbound holidays of the stories …

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